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You see, it’s fascinating. You are actually meant to be healthy. And, more than that, you’re meant to be having a great life; a life that is fulfilling, with your body working brilliantly – all on its own.


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1. Are you not feeling great?

Is there something slowing you down, or stopping you from doing what you want or would love to do?

We understand that it’s not the pain, the discomfort, or the symptom that’s the problem – you can deal with those, to a degree. It’s that it’s stopping you from doing what you need to do, what you want to do, what you’d love to do day-to-day or week-to-week.

Pain and symptoms can distract us from doing what we want, and if they get bad enough, they can disturb what we’re doing or even stop us from doing them altogether.

But, that’s not how it’s meant to be.

And, it can be very frustrating not knowing what you can do about it.

2. What can you do?

Your body is meant to work better. In fact, it’s meant to work in a way that it’s not constantly hurting, tight, tired or feeling stressed and strained.

Strains and tension – it’s a sign that your body is overwhelmed. What you’re demanding of it is not balanced by the reserve in your tank. It may feel like you’re getting through the day, but what’s happening to you long-term?

Feeling Tight & Strained in your body, back or neck? Not as flexible as you think you should be? Or like you used to be? That’s not how it’s meant to be. And, we want to find out why that’s happening.

So, what can you do? One common option is to numb out the symptoms: take something to mask the pain or stop you feeling the problem. That can feel like a quick fix, but it’s not really a fix at all. It’s just numbing out the signals.

There’s an underlying problem, and ignoring it may work for a short amount of time, but it won’t work forever. And, you probably don’t want to ignore the problem and hope for the best. You may not want to rely on something to just get through the day. And you certainly should not accept that you have to suffer for the rest of your life.

Those symptoms – the pain, the tightness, the strain – they’re signals that there’s an underlying problem.

3. What’s the solution?

Your body has the ability to heal, to look after itself (and you), for your entire life. It’s meant to feel great and help you have a great life.

You have the natural ability to heal, to have your body move towards health, vibrant with energy and feeling great.

Chiropractic is the health profession geared towards helping you do just that.

In our practice, we’re not interested in just numbing out symptoms, or just masking the problem.

In our practice, we perform a very thorough assessment, to find exactly what may be causing your body not to be at its best. We give you recommendations on how we may be able to help you, and also recommend things that you can do, to help your body repair and heal, getting it back to normal.

4. Who are we?

We are a chiropractic team who listen and support you with individualised care, here to help you take your health to the next level from a place of empowerment & purpose.

Hi, I’m Nimrod Weiner

What fascinates me about Chiropractic is how simple the principles are, and yet, the results are huge.

I love seeing people becoming freed of the health problems that are holding them back, and living a greater, more fulfilling life, one that they love. For me, health is vital from day one.

You do have the natural ability to be healthy. It’s your brain’s job to control every function of your body. If the spine is not in its correct place, it can interfere with the brain’s perfect control of your body.

I’m absolutely passionate to help each person become more healthy. And I’m inspired to see our communities, our society, and even our world, become greater, as a result of people living greater lives.

Whether you have a growing and developing baby, or you’re a child or a teen who is growing and developing, or for you adults, wanting to be healthier and happier, wanting life to be greater, I very much look forward to helping you.


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