About Nimrod

Hi, I’m Nimrod Weiner What fascinates me about Chiropractic is how simple the principles are, and yet, the results are huge. I love seeing people becoming freed of the health problems that are holding them back, and living a greater, more fulfilling life, one that they love. For me, health is vital from day one. You do have the natural ability to be healthy. It’s your brain’s job to control every function of your body. If the spine is not in its correct place, it can interfere with the brain’s perfect control of your body. I’m absolutely passionate to help each person become more healthy. Whoever you are, wanting to be healthier and happier, wanting life to be greater, I very much look forward to helping you.

Could sitting be causing you to age faster?

  We know that sedentary lifestyles aren’t good for us. We also know that exercise is good for us. Neither of these statements are new revelations. Yet research emerging from Brigham Young University is telling us exactly how much exercise impacts the aging process on a cellular level. It all comes down to  telomeres [...]

Kids Playing Well?

Play It's the essence of what kids do. We usually associate it with joy, pleasure, and often intense happiness. But play can occur at any age, and actually has some important roles to fulfil. And often, it can give us clues as to when our kid's body, or our own, is not working at its [...]

10 Easy things to do to be healthier

Is health one of the most important aspects of your life that needs improving? When we're not at our best, it can impact all other aspects of our life: from our mental and emotional selves, to our professional and family ambitions. We quickly lose our level of energy, motivation and ability to be physically active, to [...]

Frustrated you haven’t been able to kick that old habit?

Feeling frustrated that you haven't been able to break that habit yet? Relax, and be patient. All processes take time, and old habits can be particularly sticky. Studies show that it takes longer than we thought to change an old habit with a new one. So you've set a great goal for 2017, you've worked out how [...]

5 Keys to Achieving your 2017 Health Resolutions

Struggling to reach the level of health you'd love to have in 2017? Was this the year you were going to do something about those strains & tensions, about your flexibility or posture, or to start feeling better and healthier again? Studies show what's key to achieving your health goals this year By now, most [...]

Bad Posture

Bad posture, where your body isn't symmetrical, isn't aligned or isn't sitting up and standing up tall, is a good sign that you're not functioning optimally.

Feel Better

Your body is meant to work better. In fact, it’s meant to work in a way that it’s not constantly hurting, tight, tired or feeling stressed and strained. Here's how it's meant to work.....

Your Ideal Pregnancy

Your body is designed to function at its best, throughout pregnancy, in birth and beyond. Tension in the way your brain is coordinating and controlling your body could cause stress or problems in these stages - in pregnancy, in giving birth, and in bonding, breastfeeding and caring for your bub.


Wellness is that state that is the opposite to 'sickness'. It is a state of optimum health, where you are performing at your best, continuously improving and feeling a sense of vitality in every area of your life. Not feeling like you're there? We want to know why. The key is to focus your energy on [...]