About Nimrod

Hi, I’m Nimrod Weiner What fascinates me about Chiropractic is how simple the principles are, and yet, the results are huge. I love seeing people becoming freed of the health problems that are holding them back, and living a greater, more fulfilling life, one that they love. For me, health is vital from day one. You do have the natural ability to be healthy. It’s your brain’s job to control every function of your body. If the spine is not in its correct place, it can interfere with the brain’s perfect control of your body. I’m absolutely passionate to help each person become more healthy. Whoever you are, wanting to be healthier and happier, wanting life to be greater, I very much look forward to helping you.

A Happy Family

We all know that our health is our greatest asset. Above everything else, it is our health that enables us to enjoy life to the fullest. Our aim at Newtown Community Chiropractic is to help you and your family to be the healthiest you can be, and for everyone to stay their healthiest, throughout life.

Crossfit: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Since its inception roughly 14 years ago, Crossfit has morphed from a health-fad into a bona fide health movement that has swept the world. It claims to reap faster results in terms of health, fitness and weight loss due to its combination of Olympic lifting progressions, gymnastic skills and high intensity cardio workouts [1]. But [...]

What you can do about all that sitting

One of the greatest stressors for us in the modern world is sitting too long. Many of us have to do it for work. And the research is clear: it’s bad for our health. But it also has some very serious effects: like an estimated 34% higher risk of early death, even if they exercise [...]

Good, refreshing sleep

Your body will benefit from getting healthy nutrients, enough good movement, and what it needs to have a healthy state of mind. One of the key ingredients for that is good quality sleep. The good news is that there are things that you can do to help your sleep be better. You can intervene. It [...]

New Study Reveals Endocrine Concerns Around Nailpolish

Our ability to be healthy depends on how well our body copes with things that could overwhelm it. Some of those things are physical (like slips, falls, and sitting too long), some are mental and emotional. In today's post-industrial world, more and more stressors are artificial chemicals. These are everywhere. And they can affect our [...]


We are all here to connect, to ourselves, to those around us and to our World. Though, there are some things that may stop us from being able to achieve that connection. In her TED presentation, Brené Brown made some superb insights for all of us: People are filled with shame and fear. “Is there something about me that [...]

Are you dreaming, passing the time, or changing the world?

Two years ago, Nelson Mandela died. He undoubtedly shaped the world, and taught us many things: about how one person can make such a vast difference; about tenacity; about perseverance; about taking great action and the influence you can have. Underlying it all, one of his greatest lessons, is captured in his quote: “Vision without [...]

Backpack tips to help your child back to school

Australian children may be at risk of permanent spinal damage because of incorrectly packed and fitted school backpacks. A recent observation study revealed 90% of school children have bad posture when carrying their bag.

Research: Chiropractic may help athletes jump higher

New research* shows chiropractic adjustments can increase vertical jump height, adding to the reasons athletes may seek chiropractic care to improve their performance.   On average, the athletes added 15% more to their vertical jump height, after the adjustment. Vertical Jump Height is also used as a barometer of muscular strength, suggesting that the chiropractic adjustments [...]