Struggling to reach the level of health you’d love to have in 2017?

Was this the year you were going to do something about those strains & tensions, about your flexibility or posture, or to start feeling better and healthier again?

Studies show what’s key to achieving your health goals this year

By now, most people have reflected on how last year was for them, set new year resolutions, tried to stick to their resolutions, and given up.

Making a resolution certainly feels a lot easier than sticking with one. As Dr. Joe Dispenza states:

In those initial days and weeks the energy is palpable and the desired goal feels achievable, maybe even easy. This is the year we’re going to lose that weight or get organized, but then something happens. We decide the gym can wait until tomorrow or that the schedule can be put off. Our old habits creep back in and we eventually succumb to our well-known routines.

Sound familiar?

Story at a glance:

  1. Focus on your only one part of your life at a time: your health. Don’t get distracted.
  2. Imagine what you could do if you reached your health goals. Link your new health habit to a strong why.
  3. Map out your health action steps. Be realistic with your daily or weekly action steps that are going to move you to your health goal.
  4. Start taking action toward being healthier. Be consistent and regular. Make it easy to win. It takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, not 21 as was previously thought.
  5. Be Accountable and review. This helps make it more important, and more urgent.

Less than 1 in 10 people are successful in achieving their resolutions. But even so, setting ourselves goals is key in achieving real, lasting change in our life. And that couldn’t be truer with our health.

Setting ourselves goals can be the easy step; but it’s far harder to set good goals, and even harder to work towards achieving them. However, there are some easy strategies that clearly make a difference to help you get started and, most importantly, achieve your health resolutions for 2017.

1. Focus on your health

There are many different parts of our lives, and you may be tempted to want to improve many of them, all at once. It can be important, and impactful, to look at how we can improve our intellect, our mental state, our family & relationships, our professional side, our financial situation or our social contribution. But, for now, we’re going to focus just on your health.

It’s important not to get distracted by the other areas, for now. You can, of course, apply these exact strategies to other areas, after you’ve mapped out your health goals for the year, and started taking action.

The great thing about focussing on your health, is that it can have a profound effect on the other areas of your life.

2. Imagine what you could do if you reached your health goals

What should you do if your goal is to lose weight and you end up eating a big piece of chocolate cake? The easy answer is to simply shrug it off. But, in order to do so; you’ll need to have a plan in place. A good plan starts with clear intention.

Ask yourself why? Why do you want to lose weight or why do you want to get more fit, more flexible, or feel better? The answer should be clear and specific. Create a mental picture of what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

Link your new health habit to a strong why.

You’ve now created an alternate future reality.

As Joe Dispenza says:

Besides clear intention you’ll also need emotional investment. Chances are you have very personal reasons for wanting to slim down. Some people want to fit into that wedding dress while others are looking to get in shape so they can feel better and hopefully live longer. The feelings behind these intentions are powerful and when properly focused can help spur lasting change by creating an elevated energy that will pull you out of your resting state.

3. Map out your health action steps

What are the specific action steps you’re going to be taking, that will get  you to your goal? Make it simple and easy. Want to have less tension, less strains, better posture? Book in for regular chiropractic appointments. Want more flexibility or more energy? Book in regular yoga classes or timetable short jogs or download healthy green smoothy recipes.

Be realistic. Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year, meaning they end up disappointed that they didn’t reach their goal. Your goal should be a slight stretch, but still achievable within the space of one year.

Now be realistic with your daily or weekly action steps. Create a clear mental picture of how you plan to achieve your desired outcome. What are the daily or weekly action steps you want to take, to move you toward your goal?

The best action steps are the ones that are easy and simple. It’s easier to make a small change, repeated frequently and consistently, than a big change, that’s not sustainable.

As you mentally rehearse yourself taking action, picture yourself doing the task, for example putting on your exercise clothing and doing some yoga or going for a short jog. Anticipate problems that might arise and mentally see yourself solving them.

4. Take action toward being healthier

According to Joe Dispenza:

The first thing you should understand is that impatience will get you nowhere. Remember, these are deeply rooted habits developed over a period of years and they’re not going to change in an instant. Negative self-talk only reinforces the existing neurocircuitry in your brain; that one that says this is who you are and who you will always be.

Setbacks will happen, but keep in mind you’re creating an entirely new set of skills. Very few of us could hop on a bike and ride it successfully the first time. We had to fall a few times before we mastered the complex interplay of balance and motion. Your New Year’s resolution isn’t much different.

In fact, the research now shows that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit, not 21 as was previously thought. That’s a lot of time and a lot of willpower required to keep you on track.

So, make it easy to win and hard to lose. Choose easy, simple steps first, and build those in to a new habit. That’s why we see a lot of people come in to re-start their chiropractic care: it’s pretty easy to do on your part, you just make appointments and turn up!

Be consistent; take action on a regular basis. That’s what’s going to get the results!

5. Be Accountable and review

One of the best ways to creating change and building your health, is to tell other people your goals, and then ask them to hold you accountable. As an added bonus, you may even inspire them to start improving their own life.

Having someone helping you be accountable can drastically improve your chances of reaching your goal. They’re there to hold you to your word.

For most of us, when we keep our goals to ourselves, quietly in our head, then they don’t get done. They may slip to the wayside, or it may feel ok if we fail, because nobody else saw it. The motivation of having someone else regularly check on how we’re going, helps make it more important, and more urgent.

Again, thanks to Joe Dispenza:

Once you’ve got the ball rolling it’s important to monitor your progress. It’s helpful to create a chart to track your daily achievements and remind yourself of your goals. This will be helpful during those moments of self-doubt! While you’re at it, why not shape your environment to produce the outcome you’re expecting.

Write it down. Use technology.

Your phone can help you here, keeping you on track toward your new health habit. One app that helps you track your habits is Habit List.

2017: The Year You Get Healthier

Apply these 5 keys to achieving your health goals and see how much more quickly you reach your goals for 2017!

Setting goals is one thing, however, the real key to achieving your health goals for 2017 and living your dream is taking action.

One last comment from Joe Dispenza:

An important thing to remember is that change can happen at any time. You don’t need to wait a full calendar year before beginning the process of transformation. The potential is always there, you just have to decide when you’re ready. The process may be slow in the beginning but if you stick with it and utilize some of the steps I’ve outlined then there’s no reason why you can’t be successful.

As we mentioned earlier, many people find one easy, simple step to take towards getting their health back in 2017 is to book in for their chiropractic appointment again.

If having more flexibility, feeling better, having better posture, ridding your body of the stress, strains and tensions that are holding you back from having a good life is important to you, come in and see if we can help you achieve your health resolutions for 2017.

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