Is health one of the most important aspects of your life that needs improving?

When we’re not at our best, it can impact all other aspects of our life: from our mental and emotional selves, to our professional and family ambitions. We quickly lose our level of energy, motivation and ability to be physically active, to nourish ourselves and build up the mental, emotional, family and professional parts of our experience.

Here’s a series of simple practices.

The more of these you do, the more health and energy you’ll have and the better your life will be.

Story at a glance:

  1. When we’re not at our best, it can impact all other aspects of our life.
  2. There are many small, easy things you can do to improve how your body functions, your energy and your health.
  3. The more of these simple practices that you do, the more health and energy you’ll have and the better your life will be.

Sit Less, Move More

As humans, we are made to move. We should be spending a good portion of our days walking, standing and moving in general. If we don’t, our bodies aren’t at their best, and our health declines. Movement is not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Do 4 types of physical activity every week: generalised movement (like walking); flexibility work; strength work; and whole-body functional movement (chase your dog, throw a frisbee, do star jumps, go swimming….).

Remember, also, to break up your sitting and move frequently during the day.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is often the single most undervalued behavior in our lives—and yet it is one of the most impactful ways to improve our lives. If you’re averaging less than six hours of sleep, aim to get just one more hour a night. It will leave you feeling more physically energized, emotionally resilient and mentally clear.

Here’s the easiest change to make: go to bed an hour earlier and have a good, healthy routine for that last hour.

Eat Better, More Often

Food is fuel, and real food—healthy proteins, vegetables (complex carbohydrates) and fruits —are high-octane fuel. Try for more local and organic food. Remember, the fresher the food, the more potent its nutrients.

Stand up and stretch more often

Human beings are not designed to work eight or more hours straight. Ideally, take a 20 second break every 25 minutes, just to stand up and stretch or breath deeply. It all matters, and it all adds up.

Be Present

Be more focussed on what you’re doing in every moment. This allows you to give it more attention, to be open to its wonderment and to be grateful for what is unfolding in front of you.

It also allows you to have deeper connection and greater compassion.

Shut off your phone at a certain time each day, and practice being present with your family and friends.

Be Grateful

We’re far quicker to notice what’s wrong in our lives than what’s right. Gratitude has tremendous power; if it is sincere and heartfelt it makes a big difference to our outlook. To help change this mindset, spend a short amount of time at the end of each day noticing three things that you’re grateful for. Feel the gratitude sincerely and in your heart, mind and body.

Do The Most Important Thing First

Early in the morning (after your coffee), you’re likely to have the most energy, and the fewest distractions. Start your workday by focusing without interruption on the most important or challenging task you wish to accomplish that day.

Feed Your Mind

Our brains work better if we challenge them, and life becomes more interesting when we do. Reading is, of course, a simple way to learn and grow, but so is building a daily practice around learning a new language, a sport, an instrument, doing a craft, or learning to draw.

Contribute and Give Back

It’s very rewarding. How can you build in to your week a ritual or habit of contributing and giving back?

Tune-up your body

Chiropractic care can literally change your life, and enable you to live a life full of energy and vitality, with a body that’s working better. That’s because chiropractic helps remove the tension and strains, allowing your brain and nerves to work better.

This can be the easiest way to give yourself more of the energy, drive and ease to go out there and live life the way it was meant to be.

Many people find one easy, simple step to take towards getting their health back in 2017 is to book in for their chiropractic appointment again.

If having more flexibility, feeling better, having better posture, ridding your body of the stress, strains and tensions that are holding you back from having a good life is important to you, come in and see if we can help you achieve your health resolutions for 2017.

[ Thanks to Pathways to Family Wellness for the inspiration for these tips. ]

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