Our body is designed to keep us healthy. Every part of it is meant to work in a specific way, to allow other parts to do their job, at their optimum.
Our spine has a number of jobs, and good posture is one of them.

We often get a tight, protracted posture from tensions and strains that build up in our body. They pull us down in to a defensive posture (fight-flight), tightening certain muscles and weakening others. That’s great if you’re about to run from a danger or fight a tiger. But it doesn’t help us if we remain in that position for long periods of time. It’s just not how it’s designed to be.

Test it out:

  1. Stand up, close your eyes, tilt your head forward all the way to the floor, then back as far as you can toward the ceiling, then back in a neutral position.
  2. Open your eyes and take a look. Is your head tilted?
  3. Are your shoulders out of balance (one higher than the other)?
  4. Put your hands on top of your hip bone – is one higher than the other?

Not in perfect posture? We want to know why.

Here’s how chiropractic could help improve your spine, your posture, your health.

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