One of the greatest stressors for us in the modern world is sitting too long. Many of us have to do it for work. And the research is clear: it’s bad for our health. But it also has some very serious effects: like an estimated 34% higher risk of early death, even if they exercise regularly [2].

Recent findings[1] suggest 2 hours of standing and light activity per day during work hours, eventually working up to a total accumulation of 4 hours per day.

So how do you do this? Suggestions include:

  • Seated-based work should be regularly broken up with standing-based work.
  • Employees should be encouraged to use sit-stand desks, or take short-active standing breaks.
  • Employers should promote (among other important health messages) the fact that “prolonged sitting, aggregated from work and in leisure time, may significantly and independently increase the risk of cardio-metabolic diseases and premature mortality.

For workplaces, employers and even concerned or wellness-focused employees, these concepts can be implemented in creative ways. Some workplaces are starting to place wastepaper bins away from desks so employees must get up and walk to them. Others are adding ‘standing items’ to meeting agendas so to encourage participants to get up and move around. These are just a couple of ways that workplaces can start to structure in active time and work towards the magic number of 2-4 hours standing during a workday.

The impacts of prolonged sitting may affect large businesses, departments and bureaucracies, but change starts with empowered individuals. It’s time to get moving and reduce risk.

Ask us if you’d like for us to check if the stress of sitting is adversely affecting your body.


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