Feeling strains in your body, back or neck?

Not as flexible as you think you should be? Or like you used to be?

Try this: Stand up, place your feet right next to each other. Now –

  • Bend forward to touch your toes. Do you struggle to get your fingertips to reach below your ankles?
  • Gently stand up again and lean back as far as possible. Do you feel any tightness or a strain?
  • Gently stand up again and lean all the way left, running your left hand down your leg. Notice where your fingertips reach on your left leg. Now stand up again and do the same to the right. Does one side go down much further than the other or do you struggle to reach about the same level, down below your knee?

If you answered YES to any of those, then you’re too tight. It’s probably telling you that something’s not quite right, not as good as it should be, that you’re not functioning at your best.

We want to find out why.

When the communication between your brain and your body, over your nerves is stressed and restricted, then the muscles may respond by tightening up in to a strained, tense, defensive, fight-flight position, and you get a protracted posture – your brain is telling your body just to survive, just to get through the day.

That’s not how life’s meant to be.

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