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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Bad Posture

Bad posture, where your body isn't symmetrical, isn't aligned or isn't sitting up and standing up tall, is a good sign that you're not functioning optimally.

Feel Better

Your body is meant to work better. In fact, it’s meant to work in a way that it’s not constantly hurting, tight, tired or feeling stressed and strained. Here's how it's meant to work.....

Your Ideal Pregnancy

Your body is designed to function at its best, throughout pregnancy, in birth and beyond. Tension in the way your brain is coordinating and controlling your body could cause stress or problems in these stages - in pregnancy, in giving birth, and in bonding, breastfeeding and caring for your bub.


Wellness is that state that is the opposite to 'sickness'. It is a state of optimum health, where you are performing at your best, continuously improving and feeling a sense of vitality in every area of your life. Not feeling [...]

A Happy Family

We all know that our health is our greatest asset. Above everything else, it is our health that enables us to enjoy life to the fullest. Our aim at Newtown Community Chiropractic is to help you and your family to be the healthiest you can be, and for everyone to stay their healthiest, throughout life.

Crossfit: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Since its inception roughly 14 years ago, Crossfit has morphed from a health-fad into a bona fide health movement that has swept the world. It claims to reap faster results in terms of health, fitness and weight loss due to [...]

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