Our specialised approach
to helping you

Over the past 15 years we have developed a unique and surprisingly gentle approach to Chiropractic. Using precise contacts to key areas of your spine, we work with your brain and body to unwind and release years of accumulated stress. This non-manipulative approach can help overcome pain or other symptoms, reduce the impact of life's many stresses, and truly optimise your experience of life. It will leave you feeling better, functioning better and adapting to life better.

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Common reasons people see us

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Meet your chiropractors

Stephen Foster


Louren Katague


Our Process

The methods we use are typically gentle and very specific, applied to areas of your spine and pelvis which are central to the physical components of your body's stress responses.

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What to expect with us

Here at NCC, we offer quality care in a family friendly environment. Here is what you can expect in our practice.


We Listen

In order to best help you, we to listen to how any problems that have been affecting you, as well as your goals.


We Assess

Our assessment process includes in depth questions and discussions all designed for us to establish an accurate level of understanding. 


Personalised Treatment

We will then create a tailored treatment plan designed specifically to help you achieve your goals. We will discuss the process with you. 



Every time you get adjusted you build on the work you've already done and layers of retained stresses progressively let go. We will guide you towards what will work best for you.

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