Gentle Chiropractic

Because our methods are the most gentle form of chiropractic, they are perfectly suited to taking care of babies and children, women during pregnancy and as preparation for birth, post-natal mums, and men and women looking to overcome health problems or wanting to optimise their experience of life.

Whatever your health goals may be, our care is tailored to help you achieve them. It only takes a single visit for us to know if we can help.

Working with the underlying cause

Most of us recognise that the way we live keeps us ‘always on’ and perpetually stressed.

When stress is high or severe, or remains present for weeks, months or years even at a mild or moderate level, it builds physically, emotionally and metabolically. The longer it is present the greater the risk of consequences to our health and happiness.

It means many of us continue to hold tight even when there are no active stresses in front of us, and being chronically tight makes us prone to injury, inflammation and pain.

Stress makes us anxious, distracted and it shortens our fuse. In the long term it effects how we relate; how we parent; how we are as partners, colleagues and friends; how we rest; how we recover and how we grow. Left unchecked, it is known to impact every organ and system in our bodies.

It means that most people are depleted and many are in pain. Evidence shows we are becoming increasingly sick by continuing to treat the consequences of this instead of the cause. We take a different approach.

If your history and examination suggest to us that we can help, our care progresses as your spine, body and nervous system unwind more and more.

Our Process

The methods we use are typically gentle and very specific, applied to areas of your spine ane pelvis which are central to the physical components of your body's stress responses.

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