Headaches and migraines are one of the most common reasons people come and see us.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Dull aching pain in your head?
  • Tenderness in your neck, shoulders, and scalp?
  • Tightness or pressure on your forehead or the side of your head?
  • Throbbing sensation in your head?
  • Visual disturbances?
  • Sensitivity to light and noises?

There are many possible types of headaches and migraines, which is why it is important for your chiropractor to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Tension headaches are very common in people who spend a lot of time sitting, especially those who work in front of computers. The pain often starts in the neck or base of the skull and travels around to the front of the head. This type of headache can present as a dull ache.

The symptoms of migraine on the other hand are often more intense. Many migraine sufferers will experience a severe headache and may have accompanying visual disturbances, sensitivity to light and sound, and in some instances nausea. Many people who experience migraine headaches regularly report they can feel the headache coming on.

Due to the close relationship between the nerves of the cervical spine and the head, many headaches can originate from dysfunction in the cervical spine (cervicogenic headache).

Common causes of headaches and migraine

  • Poor posture (head forward of shoulders)
  • Prolonged sitting positions
  • Dehydration
  • Trauma or accidents such as whiplash
  • Stress
  • Dietary triggers (dark chocolate, red wine)
  • Dysfunction in the cervical spine
  • Underlying disease or pathology (rare)

Our specialised approach

Here at NCC we take a holistic approach to improving the function of your spine and body to help you get the greatest long-term benefit.

Your first visit focuses on a comprehensive clinical history and spinal assessment to make sure we understand what the underlying cause of your headache is, and how we can help.

We will take the time to explain our findings in a way that is detailed and easy to understand, and we will tailor a personalised plan based on these findings and your goals.

For your next appointment with our chiropractors, give us a call today.

Our Process

The methods we use are typically gentle and very specific, applied to areas of your spine ane pelvis which are central to the physical components of your body's stress responses.

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